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About Native Ground Blinds

Hunt like a Native in a noisy world.

Most modern hunting equipment is noisy. You tolerate it because it’s all you have. And tell yourself that you’re not really that noisy. But animals have learned the manmade sounds, like zippers and the unmistakeable rip of velcro.

To hunt like a Native, we need silence.

Native Ground Blinds was founded to fill that need, eliminating velcro and zippers from our blinds. We added our quiet Slide Window System, and other features that add to our hunting skills, to not ruin them in the middle of the hunt.

We can’t control everything in our noisy world. But we can control our part of it, with a little Native wisdom and smart hunting gear.

About Native founder Matt Minshall

Founded in 2017 by lifelong outdoorsman Matt Minshall, Native Ground Blinds is a labor of love for the outdoors. Matt cut his teeth in the outdoor industry, working behind the counter of his parents’ business, founded in 1972, counting worms, cutting arrows, and spooling fishing reels. Time passed, and the store's four walls couldn't hold him and the ambition to design products for the hunting masses overpowered the desire to work for family. Matt took a gamble in 2007, leaving the family business and starting another well-known industry venture. Matt credits his success to faith in Jesus Christ and hard work.